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Regatta Registration Jan 27, 2019  Leland

The latest feature added to RacelogWeb is Regatta Registration.

This was used successfully at the 2018 Sunfish North American Championship regatta held in Waukega, Illinois.  We used the integrated Paypal functionality.  Other options are 1. No payment required, 2. Pay ahead by check, and 3. Pay at regatta.  The Paypal option is working great,  They have a new interface that easily plugs in to the RacelogWeb Regatta setup page.  The only issue remaining is to provide explicit instructions for the Regatta setter upper for obtaining the two Paypal Security tokens from the Paypal website for your Paypal account accepting the payments.  The Paypal website can be confusing on how to obtain the tokens.  But once you have them you simply copy and paste them into your RacelogWeb Regatta setup page.  I will announce here when I am satisfied that the instructions are easy enough to follow.

There is no charge for setting up a Regatta.  You can use it for your summer series, local regattas, and any time you want the sailors to enter their data so you don't have to do it. The data feeds right in to your fleet file.   So you are ready to score.  A link is generated to your Registration pages which you can post on your website, facebook, email, etc.

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